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Welcome to Mindful Living 4 Life!

I am Dr. Vanessa Lorraine.  

After many years of experiencing disappointment, doubt, and disparity, I can say with complete clarity that through the power of mediation, mindfulness and active movement, my life has changed.  

I am grateful for every experience, every person, every moment, and every mishap in my life- and there have been many heartbreaks, missed opportunities, moments of desperation and feelings of uncertainty and isolation in my life!  

Today, this is what I know to be my truth! 

I am manifesting the deepest desires of my heart. 

I am making a difference in the lives of others. 

I am living a spiritual life as a physical being. 

Today, this is who I am! 

I am changing the landscape of education through cultural responsiveness. 

I am changing the disposition of those most impacted by societal traumas.  

I am changing the trajectory of individuals through lifestyle living coaching.  

Join me today in a mediation or mindfulness moment or movement towards

changing the lives of others!


Contact me at or 443-204-4546.  

Let the healing journey begin! 

Dr. Vanessa Lorraine 

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Morning Meditation 

Saturday at 10:30 a.m.




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Lifestyle Coaching






12   /   13  /   2020

12   /  28  / 2020



Life we all experience disappointment and disaster. Yet we learn how to face the world again and again...

Season's Greetings to You and Your Family! 


Meditation is the secret for manifesting the deepest desires of your heart...



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