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The aim of Mindful Living 4 Life is cultivating mental wellness, spiritual self-care, physical prosperity, and social justice for all people! 


 is a real lifestyle coaching practice elevating awareness of inner powers to shift and sustain personal and professional aspirations using mindfulness, meditation and movement as healing arts for creating empathy and equity for self and others.

 To guide others in manifesting the deepest desires of their heart, and supporting organizations in building and sustaining communities of empathy and equity.


Individuals tapping into their creative intuitive consciousness for a higher level of awareness, and communities embracing empathy and equity as core values for the advancement of all people





Dr. Vanessa Lorraine Jackson is the founder and CEO of Mindful Living 4 Life, a real-life coaching practice passionate about helping others design their destiny, recreate their reality and clarity their journey. She has spent years guiding others towards creating meaningful changes in their lives, and facilitating mindfulness, mediation and soul yoga dance master classes and workshops in higher education, public and private K-12 school systems, and community arts-education organizations.


Her restorative wellness therapeutic process aligns the mind, the body and the spirit into a harmonious state of Being, resulting in a higher level of awareness and consciousness used as tools for shifting reality and intentional living. 


Her compassionate and intuitive insightful coaching approach informs her interpersonal interactions with helping others manifest the deepest desires of their hearts. Her mission is educating others, elevating their awareness, creating a healthy lifestyle, transforming their creative consciousness, and manifesting personal and professional success.


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